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At neuroCare, we offer sustainable outcomes in therapy for mental disorders, chronic pain and for rehabilitation. The individualised therapy concepts we offer at our neuroCare clinics are achieved by integrating the work of mental health therapists with leading neuromodulation technology. At our neuroCademy division we educate clinicians and researchers in the area of neuromodulation technologies and how to apply them in their daily clinical routine. All this is is anchored by our neuroConn division, a global leader and industry pioneer in non-invasive neuromodulation technology​​​​​.
Everything we do, think or feel is a memorised pattern in our brain or muscle memory. Neuromodulation helps to reprogram those patterns by training our mind to more positive behaviour or for better cognitive performance. Behavorial, cognitive or motor disturbances can be treated faster and more efficiently, when neurotechnology and the therapist work synergetically together. We are proud on the results of our therapeutic approach and in concrete terms: our combination of cognitive therapy and individualised neuromodulation shows an efficacy of 75 % for our ADHD patients and an efficacy of 78 % for our depression patients.
At neuroCare, we also apply neurotechnologies to help diagnosing mental disorders and we personalize the treatment to the patient’s individual need - called prognostics.​​ Most current treatments in mental health or neurology still rely on a one-size-fits-all approach - especially looking at psychopharmaceuticals. Individual differences are ignored even though not all patients have the same underlying cause for their symptoms. Our integrated and personalized approach to therapy is needed​.​ neuroCare a leader in this fast growing market for neurotherapy.​
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Integrating expertise in technology, neuroscience and training​

neuroConn is our leading technology brand. We develop and manufacture devices and systems for the diagnosis and therapy of neuropsychiatric disorders. We are specialized in tDCS, neurofeedback and scientific EEG equipment. More about our technology.

neuroCare clinics offer personalized and integrated care, more specifically rTMS in the treatment of depression and OCD and neurofeedback in the treatment of ADHD and insomnia. Our clinics are based on more than 10 years of research and experience from neuroCare (formerly Brainclinics Treatment). More about our treatments.

At our neuroCademy we train professionals, clinicians and researchers on all aspects of neuromodulation and applied neuroscience, from study design to clinical implementation and personalization. Moreover, we are involved with research and scientific evaluation to further improve and personalize our treatment approaches for ADHD, depression, insomnia and OCD. More about our science & training.